Next Week weather – Dorian and Gabrielle

Hello and welcome to an extra blog post because we have a had few questions about Hurrincan Dorain and Tropical Storm Gabrielle.

A certain hype machine newspaper has published an article about these two systems merging together and producing weather hell. So this is the counter blog for those of you who are worried and hopefully, this will cut across the hype and by giving you facts and information.

So Hurricane Dorian currently scooting it’s way past the North Carolina coastline fluctuating between a Category 2 and 3 hurricane with speeds in excess of 115 mph. They are also dealing with Tornadoes, storm surge and flooding. Tropical Strom Gabrielle currently in the middle of the Atlantic with winds of around 50 mph.

So in the next couple of days, Dorain is expected to carry on moving northwards and eventually out into the North Atlantic. Slowly losing hurricane status as it battles wind shear which will eventually tear it apart. Looking at the computer models they have it moving across the Atlantic and more than likely merging into an area of low pressure as it heads towards the UK. It will loose its Tropical Characteristics which helped it flourish in the warm Atlantic as hurricanes thrive on. Tropical Storm Gabrielle is expected to dissipate mid Atlantic.

So based on the most recent computer models, we could see winds gusting 40 to 50 mph on Tuesday or Wednesday. Basically what we had on Friday which was just a normal windy day. Now when these from tropical systems merge with areas of low pressure we tend to see a lot of rainfall. This has caused problems in the past across Scotland. However, we are talking 7 days away before any possible impacts far too far into the future. A lot can and will change between now and then.

Also, the Met Office has not issued any weather warnings for next week. If they do I will update this page. The newspaper articles are overblown hype for clicks. I will as ever continue to monitor the situation and update the page if required.



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