Dorian and Gabrielle – the questions answered

Right still getting lots of feedback questions etc about Dorian and Gabrielle. So hopefully an update clarifying post will help. Neither are hurricanes anymore and won’t be tropical systems by the time what ever is left of them reaches us.

1. Firstly Tuesday night looks windy 50/60 mph. Nothing unusual for this time of year or for us in general. Could cause some travel disruption. Could see a fair amount of rain again this will be persistent at times and could cause some minor flooding. Again what we have dealt with this summer already.

2. Thursday lots of uncertainty and what ever is left of Gabrielle moves over the UK. Lots of uncertainty on exact location and timing yet. Likely to bring again quite a lot of rainfall maybe a little less then Tuesday night and seeing wind speeds of up to 40 maybe 50 mph.

So in all nothing to really be greatly concerned about. No Met Office warnings as of 22:00 this evening. If the situation changes I will up date the page. I’ve had one person say they where terrified about the prospect of a hurricane coming but a post of mine helped to re assure them. I hate misinformation and hype. If there was something concerning I would let you know. There would be warnings and updates from Met office and the emergency planning groups. I have no problem getting messages about anything to do with the weather so any concerns or thoughts just let me know.

I hope this helps.

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