Sunday 8th September Weather Watch

Good Afternoon Western isles and welcome to Sunday’s Weather Watch

On this Sunday afternoon we are seeing overcast conditions with light rain and drizzle. Brisk winds gusting 30 mph.

The rest of the evening will see more of the same with light rain and drizzle. Brisk winds gusting 30/40mph.

Monday across the Western isles and overnight night we are going to see some heavy and at times persistent rain moving across the Western isles. Slowly clearing as the morning goes on. The rest of the day will see sunshine and cloud. Mostly dry. West and North West winds of 30/40 mph.

A wet day across the the UK on Monday with some thundery showers. You can see tropical storm Gabrielle out in the Atlantic to the South West.

Tuesday across the Western isles and after a dry start heavy and persistent rain will spread in. This will be accompanied by strong winds gusting 40/50 mph possibly a little stronger.

Tuesday across the UK mostly fine and dry with sunshine but wind and rain spreads in from the West. Tropical storm Gabrielle can still be seen mid Atlantic.

Wednesday across the Western isles will see a day of sunshine and showers. These will be heavy at times. It will stay windy throughout the day gusting 30/40 mph.

Wednesday across the UK will see a day of sunshine and blustery showers.

In global weather news. Tropical storm Gabrielle is now not expected to become a hurricane and will become post tropical before moving over the UK In the coming days bringing nothing more then wet and windy conditions nothing unusual for Autumn.

And Dorian after pounding the Canadian Atlantic coastline is will become post tropical.

And in the Western Pacific typhoon Faxi is making landfall in Japan heading towards Tokyo. British Typhoon chaser is James Reynolds will he intercepting it.

And finally here are the weather extremes for Saturday across the UK.

Thank you for reading. The radar comes from Netweather. Pressure charts and extremes from the Met office. Hurricane images from the national hurricane centre.

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