Week ahead forecast – Windy wet then improving.

The week ahead looks unsettled at times. We are going to see the leftovers of Hurricane Dorian and Gabrielle. They will not be hurricane or tropical system by this point but we will see some windy conditions (nothing to unusual for this time of year and nothing to extreme). We are also going to see some heavy rainfall at times. Worth keeping an eye on because it could result in some localised flooding as the ground is already very saturated after Augusts very heavy rainfall. At this stage NO Met office warnings have been issued at this stage and I cannot see them issuing any as it doesn’t appear from what I see am seeing to be anything to out the ordinary for up here. These are going to stay windy towards the end of the week but drier.

Full in depth forecast for Monday can be found below.

Tuesday – We are going to see a dry start with winds increasing as the day goes on. The winds will increase to gale force by late morning and into the afternoon. Winds are expected to gust 50 to 55 mph widely by late evening and some gusts reaching 60 mph cannot be ruled out. We are also going to see some heavy and possibly intense rainfall at times. Winds will be from the South and temps will range from 6C to 15C

Wednesday – Will see another windy day with sunshine and showers. Winds will gust 30 to 40 mph. These showers will be heavy at times. Winds will be from the West and Temps will range from 8C to 14C

Thursday – Presents us with my least favourite word uncertainty. Because tropical systems are so hard to forecast and forecast models can find these tropical systems hard to forecast there is a degree of uncertainty. We are likely to see some very heavy and persistent rain during the morning hours. Similar to Tuesday evening. However, the worst of it could still miss us. After that we are going to see sunshine and showers. Winds from the South West then shifting to come from the West. Winds of 10 to 30 mph. Temps will range from 8C to 13C

Friday – Across the Western Isles is expected to be largely fine and dry with plenty of sunshine. Prolonged at times. The occasional spell of light rain and drizzle. Winds from the West around 10 to 30 mph. Temps of 8C to 14C

Long range – We are expecting to see fine and dry conditions for the weekend. High pressure in charge but staying windy.

Have a great week.

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