Saturday 14th Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles and welcome the latest weather watch blog.

On this Saturday afternoon it’s a wet and windy one. Heavy and persistent rain. Strong winds which have gusted 50/60 mph.

As the day goes on the rain will ease, the winds will was slightly but still gusting 40/50 mph.

Here are the highest Met office winds speeds so far for Stornoway and South Uist respectively.

Sunday across the Western isles will see a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers. Some decent and prolonged sunshine. Variable amount of cloud. Brisk winds but lighter then on Saturday.

Monday across the Western isles and again a breezy day with plenty of sunshine and a few scattered showers. Brisk winds.

Tuesday little change to the pattern. Fairly dry and settled. Variable amount of cloud. Brisk winds with the occasional scattered showers.

In global weather news. Tropical storm Humberto has formed near the Bahamas. Expected to become a hurricane and track towards Bermuda. The latest can be found via the national hurricane centre website.

And finally here are the Weather Extremes across the UK for Friday across the UK.

Thank you for reading. Radar comes from Netweather. Pressure charts and extremes from the Met office. Hurricane images from the national hurricane centre.

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