Week ahead forecast – not to bad and not to good!

Good evening Western isles. I am still away so rolling all the forecasts into one tonight. Normal service will resume tomorrow night.

On this Sunday evening we are seeing a mixture of clear skies and cloud. Well scattered showers and brisk winds.

Monday – a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Brisk winds. Scattered showers heavy at times. Best of sunshine afternoon and evening . Winds from the West and North West 10/30 mph. Temps will range from 8/14C

Tuesday – an overcast start to the day. Some sunshine for the morning. But cloud increases into all parts. Rain for the evening which merge into some longer spells of rain. Winds of 5/20 mph from the North West and temps of 8/15C

Wednesday- an overcast day. Some sunshine. Light rain and drizzle. Winds of 5 to 20 mph from the South West. Temps of 10/16C

Thursday – yes more cloud. Another overcast day with further spells of light rain and drizzle with the odd sunny spells. South Westerly winds of 5 to 20 mph. Temps of 10/17C

Friday – (insert generic cloud related comment) yup more cloud. Overcast throughout the day. If you see sunshine please don’t get to hysterical! I know we haven’t seen much of it lately! Winds will also increase gusting 30/40 mph. Some light rain and drizzle. Winds be from the South and South West and temps of 11C / 17C

Have a great week

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