Friday 20th September Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles and welcome to the latest weather watch blog.

On this Friday afternoon we are seeing blue skies and sunshine across the entire Western isles with brisk winds. It feeling warm with temps into the mid to high teens. A few stubborn clouds.

The rest of the day will be fine and dry with plenty of sunshine and variable amount of cloud and brisk winds.

Saturday across the Western isles will see another fine dry and day. Feeling warm and plenty of sunshine wall to wall sunshine for most. Brisk winds strengthening for the Uists and Barra.

Sunday across the Western isles will be largely dry. Some showers for late evening. Brisk winds and the cloud will dominate. Feeling cooler then of late.

Monday across the Western isles will see an overcast and showery day. Brisk winds with some sunny spells.

In global weather news tropical storm Jerry became hurricane Jerry and is project to impact Bermuda later in the weekend. Days after the island was hit by Humberto.

In the Eastern Pacific we have 3 named hurricanes at the moment where it’s very active.

and finally here are the weather extremes across the UK for Thursday

Thank you for reading. Radar comes from Netweather, pressure charts and extremes from the Met office. Hurricane images from the national hurricane centre.

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