Monday 23rd September Weather Watch

Hello and welcome to the latest weather watch update.

On this Monday evening we are seeing overcast conditions. Some sunshine. Heavy and thundery rain has moved across parts of Lewis in the last hour.

The rest of the evening will be largely fine and dry a few scattered showers. Some sunshine and brisk winds.

This is the thunderstorm photo captured by Annie Delin at Tiumpan head.

And here was the lightning strike graphic

On Tuesday Across the Western isles staying fairly mild. A few scattered showers around. But increasing amounts of sunshine. Brisk winds and but easing as the day goes on.

Wednesday across the Western isles another overcast day with brisk winds. Largely dry but some rain pushing in later. Still feeling mild.

Thursday across the Western isles will see a day of sunshine and showers. These will be heavy at times. Some decent and prolonged sunshine in between. Brisk winds.

In UK weather news the Met office have issued a yellow weather warning of rain for Tuesday. The full warning and latest updates can be found via the Met office website or app.

In global weather news tropical storm Lorenzo has formed. This is alongside tropical storm Karen and Jerry.

The latest information and updates can be found via the national hurricane centre website or app.

And finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Sunday.

Thank you for reading.

The radar comes from Netweather. Pressure charts, warnings and extremes from the Met office. National hurricane centre website for the hurricane images.

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