Hurricane Lorenzo

A lot of people have been asking about hurricane Lorenzo and the Western Isles. It’s far to early to know yet. So the story so far is this Hurricane became a category 5 hurricane overnight. The furthest ever cat 5 this far North and East. Thanks to favourable conditions and sea surface conditions.

its going to weaken over the coming days as it heads toward the Azores. It has already weakened down to a category 4. When I see weakend it is still causing significant strong winds, heavy rain and high seas. This hurricane has already caused a vessel to sink in the Atlantic on Thursday with only 3 out of the 14 crew being recovered from a liferaft with ongoing search and rescue.

Hurricane Lorenzo will weaken to a category 2 hurricane as it approaches the Azores. it will then rapidly move away from the Azores and begin post-tropical transition. It will speed up forward movement and expand it will eventually lose hurricane status and become none tropical. The exact track remains very up in the air. As the image below from earlier highlights there is a lot of possibilities. It could stay West of the UK. It could impact the UK on Thursday into Friday but where again up in the air. It could even move across Portugal and Spain. So lots of uncertainty yet.

The above chart is model spread from a Met desk – credit Dan Holly. These are all possibilities with no firm track just to give you and idea of the level of uncertainty.

Keep an eye on the Met Office website for the latest updates along with the national hurricane centre website. These will give you the most accurate updates without the hype.

and if you are in Ireland Met Eireann

Thank you.

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