7 days in Weather – 29th March

Hello and welcome to the first 7 days in weather. In this new series of blogs we a take a look back at the last 7 days of weather across the Island,  UK and across the globe.

UK Weather:

Wet Week for the North West

Its has been a high pressure dominated week for much of the UK. We had the highest temperature of the year so far in Rhyl 19.4C

A little closer to home a wet start to the week with rainfall warning during Monday, Tuesday and early Wednesday that covered the Western isles.

Here are the rainfall totals from the two days from the SEPA rain gauges in the Western Isles.

Birkie Hue – 75 mm

Creed Bridge 43.8 mm

Laxdale Harris 111.2mm

Loch Tormasad – 67.2mm

Mill croft – 57.4mm

We have seen far worse rainfall events and as far as I am aware this didn’t cause any flooding. I did not see any photos or reports of flooding.

on Skye, Allt Dearg House recorded a whooping 222mm of rainfall across the two days.

High pressure.

This week has seen high pressure dominating the weather across the UK. This weekend high pressure became firmly in control to the North West with the March high pressure record being broken. More from the Met Office below.

Global weather – USA

We are now entering the peak months of Tornadoes in the USA. I tend to go out storm chasing Mid May. Tornadoes can occur at any time of the year but the peak months are normally during March, April and May for the USA.

Nashville Tennessee had a series of tornadoes at the start of the March. Yesterday was the turn of Arkansas and the last couple of days also saw massive hailstones In Oklahoma.


Above is BBC online showing the Arkansas tornado.

The recent tornado events have raised interesting questions about tornado shelters with the ongoing global Pandemic.

This article by the capital weather gang highlights this debate.


*note this is a paywalled site but the first 4 articles a month are free*

I hope you have enjoyed reading. I will do one of these a week during coming weeks. Any feedback is always warmly received.

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