7 days in Weather 5th April

Hello and welcome to the first 7 days in weather. In this new series of blogs we a take a look back at the last 7 days of weather across the Islands,  UK and across the globe.

The last week across the UK has highlighted the battle between Spring and Winter. Record breaking high pressure started the week with as mentioned in the last blog. South Uist recorded with 1051.2mb breaking the March high pressure record. But as high pressure dominated for much of the week. Severe gales occurred in Shetland on Thursday with snow in the Western Isles on Friday and this weekend highest temperature of the year so far in England.

Breaking News this afternoon hottest day of the year so far with 21.4C recorded at Porthmadog in Wales.

Snowy Start to April 

Much of Lewis and Harris woke up to snow on Friday morning as bitterly cold air moved across the islands. A dusting of snow lay on the ground during the morning hours but rapidly melted away. This snow is often known as the lambing snow. Even though the snow fell in April it’s not entirely unusual to see snow this late in the year. March you are more likely to see snow than in December according to the Met Office.

Here are some snow photos shared to us on Friday –

The last photo of the Harris hills shared to us by Carol MacDonald.


Shetland isles recorded winds over 70 mph on Thursday nothing too unusual for the islands. However, this tweet did make me laugh…

March Stats 

March was a colder month across the UK with more nighttime frosts in March than in December, January or February.

The Western Isles had a wet month according to the Met Office.

The Western Isles were the wettest compared to average, with 131% (189mm) of the normal rainfall total for the month.


March for the UK as a whole was drier than average with 82% of the average rainfall falling making up for a very wet start to the year.

It was a sunny month with all England and Wales seeing more than average sunshine. Even the Western Isles enjoyed above average sunshine.

Cyclone Harold 

In the Southern Hemisphere, they are coming to the end of the Cyclone season. Cyclone Harold is heading towards Vanuatu with Category 4 winds. It is has fluctuated in the last 24 hours but is expected to reach category 5 status the highest level as it moves over these islands. Hopefully, the islands are prepared and the damage is minimal.

Some stunning images of this cyclone have come out in the last 24 hours.


Thank you for reading, Any feedback is always welcome.

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