The return of Western Isles Weather forecasts

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Good evening all

Tonight, marks the return of Western Isles Weather forecasts after a 9 month break. If you haven’t seen it yet the forecast for Saturday can be found below this post or on the blog Yes, I am back on the island. This occurred back in March a week before lockdown. So, I did not break any restrictions. The island is my home and I am very happy to be home and once again able to provide you with forecasts once again. I am a bit nervous about bringing these forecasts back. I hope people will still want to read them. I would still do them even if no one read them as I love talking about the weather and sharing. My passion but also good to know they are beneficial. I have had a lot of positive feedback from people about the forecasts coming back.

So, this means a return of daily forecasts. Every night we do a forecast for the next day. Each morning we do a morning brief which covers current weather as well as any updates on the forecast for that day and also the next few days. All these can be found across our social media platforms. We are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also have a blog as well which is We will be posting all forecasts on blog along with regular blog updates on various weather impacts for our islands, national and international weather conditions and news. The blog is a great place to send people who want our forecasts but don’t have access or don’t like social media platforms.

During the course of the almost 8 years of Western Isles Weather, we have covered a number of weather events. Several tornadoes, multiple thunderstorm and snow events. A number of major storms including the 113 mph storm in 2015 and most recently storm Brendan. Once again, we will cover all these events and help to provide you with the best information on any impending weather events combined with all the relevant information from the local and national government to keep you up to. date. We always post Met Office warnings and SEPA flood alerts with the latest information.

I have a few new ideas that I want to try out in the coming weeks that I hope will help to make Western Isles Weather even better. As ever I always I welcome any suggestions and constructive feedback. I am always extremely humbled when anyone comes to this page for weather forecasts and I always work tirelessly to provide the very best information and accurate information. it’s a great passion of mine and this page is something that I am extremely proud of. We have built quite the community here and I hope it will continue to grow. It needs your help to grow. One thing that really helps is your reports, photos and videos help to build up a great picture of what is going on across the islands from the Butt to Barra. I have joined as many local groups as possible as it’s a great resource to find photos and reports. If you see anything that may be of interest tag me or give me a message. I may be based on Lewis but for me, it’s important to provide a good forecast for Barra as for Lewis and everywhere in between.

Thank You,

Richard Cooke.

2 thoughts on “The return of Western Isles Weather forecasts

  1. Ruth June 29, 2020 / 1:31 pm

    Absolutely delighted you are going back to your forecasts Richard. I was gutted when they stopped, and the Met Office ones you kindly posted just weren’t up to scratch I’m afraid!
    So welcome home and keep up the good work, which certainly unites our island community in a special way.

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