Noctilucent cloud

Every summer around the solstice we are treated to a stunning display of Noctilucent clouds. This year has seen some utterly stunning displays across the islands and across the UK. This is my favourite of all the clouds.

Noctilucent cloud or night shining clouds occur in the upper atmosphere. They tend to be best seen around the solstice as the light from the setting sun illuminates them. They are some 250,000 feet in the air.

Noctilucent cloud in June taken by Magz Macleod

This year has seen some stunning displays they can be witnessed best after midnight if you want to see them yourself. It is worth waiting up to see them. It is always a magical sight. However, with anything that’s best viewed in our sky cloud does tend to obscure this Phenomenon. Check out our social media channels for when it is visible and cloud forecast updates.

Essex NLC was taken by Paul Botton this month.

As highlighted above the NLC can be witnessed anywhere across the UK and large parts of Europe. It really is a magical experience to witness.

Feel free to share any photos with us.

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