Weather watch 3rd July

Welcome to weather watch the blog post that takes a look at the weather on the islands, the UK and the rest of the world

Island Weather

First port of call is our the long range outlook for our islands. Next week sees the unsettled theme continue with spells of rain heavy at times with some periods of settled conditions. There are no hard signs of things becoming more settled as we head into the peak of July. Temperatures expected to be below average as well.

Our friends over at convection weather have produced this excellent graphic showing thunderstorm days across the UK so far in 2020. There have been quite a few days for most of the Western isles.

Image credit convection weather and weather quest.

UK weather

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind for Sunday for parts of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Full warning and latest updates can be found via the Met Office website or app.

The last few weeks across the UK has given conditions perfect for thunderstorms and even a few funnel clouds.

Hev Mac North Uist
Leigh Ann Mitchell Aberdeenshire
Fubar News – Dyce
James Peston – Yorkshire Dales

Global Weather

In global weather news in the last few weeks the record has been confirmed for the largest ever lightning bolt! Stretching an incredible 440 miles across Brazil into Argentina. More in the link below.

And finally last night in Nebraska Dan Fitts captured this stunning tornado. The photogenic tornado of the year so far.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog today. Any suggestions for future ideas for the blog let me know.

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