Weather Watch 5th July.

Good afternoon and welcome to Sundays Weather Watch covering the weather for the islands, the UK and around the Globe.

It has been a wet 24 hours across the islands. The image below from Netweather highlights this. This is the last 24 hour rainfall accumulation across the Islands. The brighter the colours the heavier it has been. Wet for July but not entirely unusual.

Sunshine and showers again heavy at times for the rest of the day today. Increasing amounts of drier interludes in between.

All the charts below come from the Met Office and can be found following this link

So the midday chart for today. Highlights the unsettled pattern for us with low pressure in charge. We have showers feedback in. The low pressure has brought strong winds to parts of England and Scotland with a yellow weather warning of wind in place till 1600. Wind speeds of 67 mph have already been recorded.

Again nothing unusual for this time of year but does give some rather unsettled conditions.

Moving onto Monday and things have settled down some what high pressure is edging in across the UK. For our islands we will see some drier and brighter weather with sunny spells and some scattered showers. Winds will be brisk. from the West and North West

High pressure sits to the South West of the UK 1032 mb. Various weak areas of low pressure out in the Atlantic.

By Tuesday high pressure weakens somewhat and edges back into the Atlantic. A small area of low pressure 1011 runs across the UK. Our weather in the islands is going to be mainly dry with a scattering of showers and some sunny spells cloud dominating.

Wednesday and another day of sunshine and showers for our islands. Low pressure systems and associated fronts remain to the South. Light and variable winds for us.

Looking ahead for us and things are expected to turn more unsettled towards the weekend. One out the 4 main computer models hinted as some stormy weather for late on Thursday. However the model is more of an outlier on this kind of scenario at this stage and I will keep you updated on that. Some weather apps are showing high wind speeds and this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt at this stage.

As mentioned above strong winds have been felt across parts of the UK today.

Turning our attention to the global weather and Tropical depression 5 has formed in the Atlantic and may have the briefest of shots I becoming tropical storm Ed and finally this stunning tornado was captured in Canada last night.

Source national hurricane centre

Thank you for reading I hope you have enjoyed it. Any feedback is welcome.

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