Weather Watch 6th July 2020.

Good afternoon and welcome to Mondays Weather Watch taking a look at the weather for the islands, the UK and around the Globe.

On this Monday afternoon things are fairly settled across the Islands. A mixture of sunshine and cloud. A few patches of light rain but for many its largely dry. Breezy winds. Winds are under 20 mph.

Radar image from Netweather

We are going to take a look at the next few days weather for our islands and further afield.

Today – On the midday chart today you will notice a few things high pressure building in across the country from the South West 1032 mb. Our islands are on the side of a brisk airflow. A few showers mainly on the light side will occur for the rest of this afternoon and into this evening.

Those observant amongst you notice a tropical Storm in the far South West of this box. This is the 5th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical Storm Edouard. Perfectly normal for this time of year. More to follow.

Tuesday – Sees settled conditions across the islands. Any overnight rain will clear away. It will be fairly overcast start to the day. But the afternoon and evening will see some prolonged sunshine.

Across the UK the area of high pressure has retreated back towards the Azores and a weak area of low pressure moves across the UK 1012 mb. This will bring rain and unsettled conditions for a time to the South. Edouard has disappeared off this chart… Again more to follow…..

Wednesday – High pressure builds in across the North of the UK. 1016 MB our weather on the islands is expected to become more settled. A mixture of sunshine and cloud with light winds on Wednesday. Some places even seeing prolonged sunshine.

Elsewhere rain for the South of the UK and further unsettled conditions. A string of low pressure systems sit out in the Atlantic.

Thursday will see another mainly settled day across our islands. The odd shower is possible. Winds will become brisk with a mixture of sunshine and cloud.

The rest of the UK low pressure sits across the South 1012 mb bringing rain. at times. High pressure builds across the Atlantic this is important for our weekend weather.

Long range and the weekend looks. Fairly settled even getting milder as well.

In UK weather news strong gusty winds brought down this tree. It was no helped by the roots being paved over. Lucky escape for these pedestrians.

Last night was another stunning night for the beautiful Noctilucent clouds this image taken by Dan Holley in Long Stratton

In Global weather news the National Hurricane Centre in the USA are currently tracking tropical Storm Edouard. Its is expected to become post tropical by the end of the day. It will have no impact and it could bring some extra rain and breezy conditions to parts of the UK towards the end of the week.

This explains what post tropical is from the National Hurricane Centre glossary

A former tropical cyclone. This generic term describes a cyclone that no longer possesses sufficient tropical characteristics to be considered a tropical cyclone. Posttropical cyclones can continue carrying heavy rains and high winds.

Both images from the National Hurricane Center. Showing the track and recent position of Edouard.

Thank you for reading I hope you have enjoyed it. Any feedback is welcome.

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