7th July Weather Watch

Good afternoon and welcome to Tuesday’s Weather Watch taking a look at the weather for the islands, the UK and around the Globe.

On this Tuesday afternoon, we are seeing w mixture of sunshine and cloud with a few sharp showers around. Many places are dry with plenty of cloud. Increasing sunshine later.

All the charts below can be found via the Met Office website or app https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/maps-and-charts/surface-pressure

Today we are seeing a few an occluded from move south across the UK. This is bringing a few showers. Winds are light.

Across the UK low pressure is moving in and will bring wind and rain over England and Wales across the next few days.

Wednesday across the islands should be largely fine and dry with plenty or sunshine and a few scattered showers. Drier the further south you are in the islands. Warmer then it has been over recent days.

Across the UK low pressure sits across the South 1013mb. This will bring rain and blustery winds. High pressure sits across Scotland. The next area of low pressure waits out in the Atlantic.

Thursday should be a largely none descript day. Plenty of cloud with some sunshine at times. Some evening showers but most places staying dry. Winds mainly light.

Across the UK and high pressure remains over Scotland. Low pressure moves across England and Wales this could bring some disruptive weather for a time with heavy rain and the possibility of strong winds. To the West, high pressure builds in and this will be a feature of the weekend’s weather.

Friday across the islands it is expected to become milder. But we are expected to see a day of sunshine and showers. An occluded front moves across the islands.

Across the UK high pressure builds in as the area of low pressure heads out into Europe. A feature you may have noticed is an area of low pressure between Norway and Iceland that has been near stationary for a few days with nowhere to go due to a blocking high.

Into the tropics and Tropical Storm Cristina has formed in the Eastern Pacific and is expected to be a hurricane in the next few days with no threat to land.

Both images from the National Hurricane Center

Meanwhile in the Atlantic, the last advisory was issued on tropical storm Edouard. It became post tropical and will bring rain and blustery winds to the Southern UK later this week.

Image from the national hurricane centre

Thank you for reading I hope you have enjoyed it. Any feedback is welcome.

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