Week ahead forecast – Largely unsettled.

Welcome to the week ahead forecast. The full in depth forecast for Monday can be found in the update below this one. Its been a mixed weekend with further spells of rain and cloud largely dominating. No signs of the return to more summer like weather in the coming week. It has also been a chilly start to July.

Tuesday – Another overcast day with spells of rain. These will mainly be light in nature. Occasional sunny spells. Becoming a little drier in the evening. Brisk winds. Winds of 10 to 30 mph. Temps of 10 to 16C

Wednesday – It will be an overcast day. Mostly light rain on and off throughout the day. Winds will be lighter than of late. Winds of 0 to 20 mph. Temps of 10 to 16C

Thursday – A further overcast and wet day. Light rain to start becoming heavier as the day goes on. Winds increasing a little into the evening. Winds of 0 to 20 mph gusting 30 mph in the evening. Temps of 11C to 17C

Friday – Yes you guessed it overcast again. Further spells of light rain and drizzle. Becoming drier and brighter with some sunny spells. Winds of 0 to 25 mph.Temps of 11C to 16C

Long range – looking ahead to next weekend sunshine and showers looks the theme of the weekend but a long way off as yet and things will change between now and then.

I hope you have a great week. Over the course of the coming week, we will keep you updated with the latest weather and the 3 day ahead forecasts. Keep an eye on the blog for extra updates!

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