Temperature Records

Hello and welcome to an extra blog on temperature records. The inspiration for this blog post comes from the fact that a year ago today the highest temperature was recorded in the UK since records began.

Please note these are all official records. Unless stated otherwise.

On July 25th 2019 38.7C was recorded at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.

The coldest was at Newport at -26.1C on the 10th January 1982

Western Isles

The first place to start is of course the Western Isles.

The highest temperature 27.2C at Benbecula Airport 30th July 1948

At Stornoway Airport 26.3C 3rd August 1999

At South Uist range 25.9C 19th July 2006


32.9C highest temperature in Scotland 9th August 2003 (Greycrook)

The record for the lowest is tied in 3 times of -27.2C

10th January 1982 and 11th February 1895 both in Braemar and Altnaharra 30th December 1995.


35.2C highest temperature in Wales 2nd August 1990. Hawarden bridge

-23.3C on the 21st January 1940 Rhayader.

Northern Ireland

The record for the highest temperature in Northern ireland is shared

30.8C on 30th June 1976 and 12th July 1983 in knockaravan and Shaws bridge belfast

-18.7C is the lowest at Castlederg December 24th 2010.


56.7C is the World’s hottest ever temperature in death valley USA in 1913 but this remains disputed by the World Meteorological organization.

-89.2C in Antarctica remains the coldest from 21st July 1983

Other notable temperature records include

2 min temperature increase of 27C from -20C to 7C on 22nd January 1943 in South Dakota

South Dakota also hold the record for the fastest 5 min temperature drop 27.2C on the 10th January 1911.

All information comes from the Met Office and Wikipedia

I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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