July 2020 Stats for the Western Isles

** This is an update of the previous blog post where the stats for Stornoway Airport where finally released on the 20th August **

In July 2020 Stornoway Airport of Met Office site had just 70.9 hours of sunshine the least of amount of sunshine for July since 1979 with 66.7 hours.

It was the second driest month of the year with. 72.0 mm of rain. April was the driest with just 35.2 mm.

July had less than half of what May did with sunshine. May had 150 hours of sunshine. Only each of January, February and March had less sunshine.


Hello and welcome to a look back at our weather in July 2020 – We cover the Western Isles and the rest of the UK at the end.

It has been a largely cool and overcast month. We have seen plenty of rain which isn’t massively unusual for July. We didn’t see any extremes temperatures stayed well below 20C for most of the month. With only the final day 31st July seeing temperature reaching 19C

Temperatures across the island where in the region of 1.5C below the 1981 and 2010 average. As well as between 50 and 30% of the normal sunshine more below.

SEPA rainfall Gauges in the Western Isles

Creed Bridge – 85 mm in July – 115.4 mm July 2019 – 4th Wettest month of the year so far.

Laxdale (Harris) – 132.2 mm in July – 166.2 mm July 2019 – 4th Wettest month of the year so far

Loch Tormasad  – 104.6 mm in July – 99.4mm July 2019 – 5th Wettest month of the year so far.

Mill Croft – 107.4 mm in July – 141 mm July 2019 – 4th Wettest month of the year so far.

There were a couple fairly wet evenings. But most of the rain in July was more spread out over much of the month.

This is last Junes weather stats blog


Daily Records

Something that highlighted the kind of month we had was the fact that Harris Quidnish was the wettest place in the UK on both the 12th and 26th July.

Other notable features of the month where the 5C on the 8th of July and the 57 mph at South Uist range on the 31st July.

Weather Warnings year to date

The total number of weather warnings issued remains the same for the year at 18.

Yellow 18

Amber – 0

Red – 0

A further break down of the warnings.

Wind – 11

Snow and ice – 2

Rain – 2

Thunder – 1

Wind and snow – 1

Ice – 1

National Weather stats for July – from the Met Office

According to the Met Office temperatures for the UK where -0.8C below the long term average (1981 – 2010).

Rainfall was above average from parts of England, Wales and Scotland thanks to an active jet stream and successive areas of low pressure. Parts of South West Scotland and North West England had double the July average.

Sunshine was also well below average at 83% with 142.4 hours overall for the UK. In the Western Isles we had very little sunshine and I will get the stats for Stornoway Airport when they are released later in the month.

Shetland where the winners in the UK for sunshine in July. They had above average amounts of sunshine at 136% (172.1) hours of the long term average (1981 – 2010).

The above images come from the Met Office and the blog covering the above can be found here


I will do a further update of this blog in about 7 days time. By that point we should have the lastest Stornoway Airport stats.

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