18th Aug 2020 – A no hype blog post for the Mid Week stormy weather for the UK.

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Hello welcome to our latest special blog post. This blog post is going to cove the incoming stormy weather for the UK in the coming days and any impacts for us in the Western Isles and looking at the rest of the UK.

We get stormy weather here in the UK in the summer all the time I hear you say. Yes this is very true but as Newspapers and clickbait websites get on the bandwagon as always. The questions come in asking about it. Which I have no issue at all answering but its also good to have a blog post about it as well.

So what do we know so far?

We are in the middle of what is already turning into an active Atlantic hurricane season. We are approaching the very peak of that season with the peak occurring in mid September. Most hurricane seasons we get remnants of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms impacting the UK. By this stage they are NOT hurricanes or tropical storms. We have have a few near misses with hurricanes, Ophelia and Debbie. However this is another is a subject for another day.

You may see the name Storm Kyle being mentioned. This was the 11th named storm of the 2020 hurricane season. However the last advisory about Tropical Storm Kyle was issued by the National Hurricane Centre early Sunday morning. However the moisture and energy with this form tropical storm has become absorbed my normal areas of low pressure in the Atlantic. This is what will bring us wet and windy weather over the coming days.

Met Office warnings have been issued – https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings#?date=2020-08-20&id=a1b9d673-d3a1-4556-8ec5-542b0634a008&details

What are the impacts for the Western Isles?

As of 12:00 Tuesday afternoon no weather warnings have been issued for our islands. There is uncertainty over impacts and exact location of the area of low pressure and how strong the winds will be things could change in the coming days if the day.

Across Thursday and Friday we are in the we are currently expecting to see. very heavy rain Thursday morning. Sunshine and showers there after and winds gusting 30 to 40 mph possible 50 mph for the Uists and Barra.

For Friday more the same with sunshine and spells of rain which will be heavy at times with winds gusting 30 to 40 mph. Nothing massively extreme or unusual for us. But again worth being weather aware if you outdoor plans.

What are the impacts for the UK?

So its away from the Western Isles where the greatest level of impacts is likely to occur. With a yellow weather warnings covering Northern Ireland, Parts of Scotland, Wales and South West England with winds gusting 65 mph to 70 mph.

The full warning text from the Met Office chief forecaster –

Again the very latest updates can be found via the Met Office website or app.

So this isn’t a Hurricane or Tropical Storm this is just a traditional spell of unsettled weather for the UK in the Summer. I will keep you updated during the coming days if there are significant developments and any impacts for the Western Isles.

Avoid Clickbait.

A lot of news outlets and social media sites will try and grab you in with clickbait headlines. They will mash together bits of story to fit their own narrative and get you to click on the link. It can make already anxious people feel worse so try and avoid you can. Always check the Met Office website for the latest guidance. My posts and updates are always done in the best calm and level headed way I can. To give you the facts the information without the hype.

Please note –

PLEASE DO NOT USE Western Isles Weather for the protection of life and property and as your only source. These warnings will be posted by us, time permitting, to this page. Please seek out the Met Office website or app for the very latest updates. Use the SEPA Website or Floodline contact number for the very latest updates on flooding risk. In the event of any extreme weather, follow any and all advice or guidance given by local emergency planning, Police, HM Coastguard etc.

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