Weather Watch 19th August 2020

Good evening and welcome to Wednesday’s Weather Watch taking a look at the weather for the islands, the UK and around the Globe.

On this Wednesday evening we are seeing a mixture of sunshine and cloud with some mist and low cloud. It is breezy and we have seen a max temp today so far of 20C

We are now going to take a look at the next few days weather. All the images shown below come from the Met office and can be found by following this link

Thursday – Across the Western isles will see strong winds gusting 50 to 60 mph for the Uists and Barra. Bands of rain which will be heavy at times. lighter winds for Lewis and Harris gusting 30 to 45 mph. Plenty of sunshine in between the showers. Conditions turning more showery in the breaks. Max temp of 19C

For the UK on Thursday strong winds and gales. Even Severe gales along coastal fringes. This will be accompanied by heavy rain. Winds gusting 60 to 70 mph.

Friday – Across the Western isles we are going to see further spells of rain which will be heavy at times. Some sunshine. The strongest of the winds at this stage will be in the morning. But it will stay blustery throughout the day. Feeling warm again.

Across the UK low pressure still dominates. Sunshine and blustery showers for most. These heavy at times. Winds ease later in the day.

Saturday – Low pressure exits the stage. We are going to see another breezy day across the Western Isles. Sunshine and showers throughout and feeling cooler.

As the area of low pressure moves away it will be another showery day across the UK with sunshine and showers but winds will eventually start to ease.

UK Weather News

Muliple weather warning have been issued for Storm Ellen which will bring strong winds and rain to the UK during the next couple of days.

The latest warnings can be found here –

I did a blog post earlier specifically covering the Western Isles

Global Weather News

In the Eastern Pacific we have hurricane Genevieve which is bringing strong winds and high sees to Mexico and Baja California

Above images from the National Hurricane Centre

In the Atlantic not much change with 3 areas of disturbed weather that should become tropical storms in the next few days.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed it. Feedback is always welcome.

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