Western Isles Weather guide

This a cut out and keep guide to Western Isles Weather updates. 

Morning reports – So this is the first port of call for me every day. It is scheduled update that appears at 7:32 every morning. (Don’t ask ). This is where we are looking for weather reports from you where ever you are. We are a broad community so we get weather reports from across the Islands, the UK and around the world. We have a lot of regulars who share reports. We do appreciate everyone who posts. Videos and photos help to enhance the reports as well. It helps me to build up a picture of the weather across our islands. If I am forecasting fog or rain for example it helps to highlight where it is compared to my forecast. So if you live in the Western Isles and reading this feel free to join in you will be more than welcome. 

Morning brief – The aim of this post is to get you morning off on the right foot weather wise. We take a look at the current weather for the day. As well as what is expected for the next few days. As well as pollen forecasts in the spring and summer. We highlight any weather extremes from the last 24 hours as well as giving you a look ahead to the next few days weather. 

Weather Watch – This is my daily blog post where I talk about the weather across our islands, around the UK and across the globe. This appears on our blog Western Isles Weather. However, we do post a link on our Facebook and Twitter. This blog is posted daily and usually appears in the afternoon but sometimes in the evening. This covers that days weather for islands. Takes a look at the next few days weather and any significant or notable weather across the UK which has included heatwaves and thunderstorms recently. In the global weather, we take a look at weather from around the world recently focusing on tropical weather in the USA but has also covered snow in Australia recently. it also gives me a chance to totally geek out about the weather. 

Evening – The bread and butter of our weather forecasts. This covers the entire weather forecast for next day in depth which is broken down into separate chunks and gives you as much information to help plan your day including temperatures, wind speed and Sunrise / Sunset times. 

Extreme Weather – When extreme weather hits. We share Met Office warnings and SEPA flood updates. We also do additional updates as well to give you the very latest information on any approaching severe weather. We also share any pertinent information from local Emergency planning, SSE, Coastguard, Emergency Services and the Council etc helping to give you the very latest information. 

I have been doing this for 8 years now and it has come a long way from the single paragraph once a day forecast updates of 2012.  

Richard Cooke. Western Isles Weather. 

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