Weather Watch 27th August 2020

Good afternoon and welcome to Thursdays Weather Watch taking a look at the weather for the islands, the UK and around the Globe.

On this Thursday afternoon we are seeing rain across the Uists and Barra. This has been heavy and slow moving. A lot more impactful then what I was expecting and in the guidence. 3 mm of rainfall has fallen up to midday. Which isnt a huge amount but great amount then I was expcting. The expectation even till this morning we some showers merging into some longer spells of rain for a time.

The band of rain has moved into Harris but Lewis remains mainly dry. It is mainly overcast with some hazy sunshine and brisk North East winds. Max wind speed so far today off 22 mph and the highest temp of 12.7C making it markedly chilly day.

We are now going to take a look at the next few days weather. All the images shown below come from the Met office and can be found by following this link

Western Isles – (UK outlook follows below)

Friday – A mainly fine and dry day with sunshine and cloud. A few scattered showers. It will be breezy again with winds gusting 20 to 30 mph making it feel cooler. Temps of 8C to 14C

Surface pressure - Forecast chart

Saturday – High pressure is in charge of our weather but its stays breezy with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Winds ease under 20 mph. Temps struggle in the low teens with a few scattered showers.

Surface pressure - Forecast chart

Sunday – High pressure firmly in charge. A mixture of sunshine and cloud. Winds will brisk from the North West. Feeling cool once more. A few scattered showers cannot be ruled out.

Surface pressure - Forecast chart

UK Forecast

Across the UK on Friday we are going to see further rain with thundery showers for parts of England a weather warning has been issued (see below). Elsewhere sunshine and showers breezy. High pressure takes charge for the weekend so becoming drier and brighter with a few scattered showers. Staying cool for this time of year and chill during overnight periods.

UK Weather News

A Met Office Yellow weather warning for rain has been issued till 1900 this evening covering parts of Wales and Southern England.

A Met Office yellow weather warning for thunderstorms has also been issued

The latest warning updates can be found here

Global Weather News

The big news in the weather world is category 4 hurricane Laura making landfall on the Louisiana coast line last night. Winds of 128 mph and significant storm surge have been reported.

Storm chaser Josh Morgaman was in the middle of the hurricane and was in the eye

A radio tower was badly damaged in Lake Charles

Source unknown

This incredible image shows the data from the Hurricane Hunter aircraft going in and out of Laura and the data it recorded with a tremendous pressure drop and strong winds.

Image from Tropical Tidbits

A view of Laura from space – Views of Hurricane Laura from the International Space Station. Photo taken yesterday by Commander Chris Cassidy.

please refer to the National Hurricane Centre website for the very latest.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed it. Feedback is always welcome.

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