Soggy start to September

After an extremely dry August. September has started off very wet. August 2020 was the driest since 1995 at the Stornoway Airport Met Office site.

On Monday 7th September according to the Met Office 23.2 mm of rain feel at Harris Quidnish.

32.2 mm of rain had fallen at Stornoway Airport up to 1800 on the 8th September. Almost the total rainfall for August.

Thanks to Starlings roost for the data

51.6 mm of rain has fallen at South Uist range up to 1800 on the 8th September. Just 45.2 mm of rain fell in August.

again thanks to Starlings roost weather for this information

There are no signs of things become more settled with more rain forecast for the weekend of 12/13th September.

I will do a full stats for September at the end of the month.

We have seen some extremely wet Septembers in the past with 2018 giving so much rainfall there was a landslide in Harris

Harris cut off by landslide, school shut

Sir E Scott School in Harris ended up being close on the 18th September. The road was partially opened later that day.

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