Bears Watching

It had been a wet and windy couple of days. We hit 50 mph today. Nothing significant I know but strongest since June.

Now it’s that time of year again. A couple of things to bear watching. Saturday is looking increasingly likely that we could see the first 60 mph of the Autumn/ Winter period with a fairly deep area of low pressure. Heavy rain. There is a slight chance we may see stronger than 60 mph. No warnings have been issued at this stage. But now is the time to get ready. Securing loose objects in the garden and if required touches etc if we lose power.

The second and we have been getting questions about this so wanted to tackle it head on is next Tuesday. A long way off in terms of weather. However various computer models have been showing an extremely low pressure to our North West. Which could bring us some strong winds. However, it’s not worth getting worried about yet just be aware and let’s get Saturday and Sunday our the way with first. The weekend isn’t looking too significant but the first 60 mph plus is worth keeping an eye on.

I will keep you updated as ever.

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