Weekends Weather 30/10/20

Good morning all. I wanted to do this post talking about this weekends weather as a series of low pressure systems move past the North West of the UK.

Here in the Western Isles we are going to see strong winds and heavy rain once again. Now as the time of writing this around 0900 on 30th October no Met Office warnings have been issued for here in the Western Isles.

I don’t want to hype posts or exaggerate things as we get strong winds and rain every winter. What concerns me is that we could see some of the strongest winds of the winter so far. But it is highly dependent on where the areas of low pressure track. Some of the computer models are suggesting 70 mph winds for the Western Isles. Mainly Uists and Barra with maybe 80 mph for Sunday. But there are more conservative model solutions suggesting 50/60 mph. Strong winds for this weekend have been showing for a few days now.

This combined with heavy rain could cause a few issues. Last weekend was the first windy spell and last mid week had the potential to be stormy but in the end the worst stayed out to sea. I am keeping an eye on it all and will keep you updated.

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