The last 7 days of photos 16th November

Hello and welcome to the last 7 days photographs. A selection of stunning photographs of the Western Isles shared by you to us.

Garry Sunset – Gill Thompson

Catalina Memorial – Floraidh Macleod

North Tolsta – Claire Coldock

Holm – Kirsty Allen

Petersport – Lena Macpherson

Iain MacCormick

Ebahal – Claire Imalh

Crossbost – Christine M Morrison

High tide n Stornoway – me

Pentland Road – Kelsey Martin

Broadbay – Carol Ferguson

Cula Bay Benbecula – Ian MacCormick

Round by Rodel harbour taken yesterday morning

Originally tweeted by Effie Macleod (@effie_macleod) on November 16, 2020.

Monday, Northton, Harris

Originally tweeted by RE:Gina 🐾 (@moon_catcher) on November 15, 2020.

Bayble beach not failing to disappoint again with a rich variety of colours and wildlife this morning.
More photos and info on blog:

#hebseaswimmers @outdoor_swimmer @outdoorswimming @ScotOutdoors @OEmagazine @TGOMagazine @WCWScotland @IslesWeather

Originally tweeted by Colin S Macleod (@HebSeaSwimmer) on November 12, 2020.

Thank you to everyone who shared photos with us

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