Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud

In this extra special blog we are going to talk about Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud. This blog has been inspired by the photo shared to us this morning by Ed Lewis. Who captured some Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds this morning on the Isle of Lewis.

Image credit Ed Lewis

So what is Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud?

According to the Met Office they are “an extremely rare phenomenon, where a cloud produces a billowing wave pattern. They occur when there is a strong vertical shear between two air streams, causing winds to blow faster at the upper level than at the lower levels.”

Another example of this Ireland earlier this year

Who discovered them?

“Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds are named for Lord Kelvin and Hermann von Helmholtz, who studied the physics of the instability that leads to this type of cloud formation.”

Source –

A great little video explaining it more here by Liam Dutton

It is something that I have seen myself but I have never been able to get a decent photo. Have you seen it? let us know in the comments below.

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