Geminid meteor shower 2020 and how to see it.

The Geminid meteor shower peaks this weekend with the 13 and 14th being the pain night of peak. With a New Moon this will help with being able to see them.

This from the Sky at Night Magazine

The period of peak Geminid activity is wide and over recent years its ZHR has been rising. Currently, the Geminid peak is around 140–150 meteors per hour.

Here is a recent shot from Sutherland

Also from the Sky at night magazine

Find a place that is dark and away from light pollution, such as a location away from towns and cities, provided it is safe to do so.

If you are lucky enough to live under very dark skies and can observe from the comfort of your own garden, turn off the lights in your house so they don’t spoil the view.

Avoid using lights such as torches and mobile phones as this will spoil your dark adapted vision. If you need to see in the dark, use a red torch. If you need to look at your mobile phone, you may be able to turn your screen red in the settings.

This great video shows 80 meteors in 3 mins

How is the weather looking for the Western Isles?

Like most of these events we normally see overcast conditions when anything good happens above our heads.

So Sunday into Monday is likely to be overcast with some clear spells. The best of the clear skies across the Western Isles will be this evening where this will be the best chance of seeing them after 10pm. I have seen them in past from the Western Isles so definitely worth looking up. It will be a chilly night with winds increasing so wrap up warm.

If you managed to capture any photos please let us know.

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