Jupiter and Saturn conjunction “The Christmas Star”

Eyes to the skies this evening for the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

On 21 December 2020 the closest giant planetary ‘kiss’ since 1623 will see gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn just 0.1º apart. 

Above quote from the Sky at night magazine.

How are the chances for the Western Isles for seeing it this evening?

Well the cloud is stating to break after the heaviest of the rain has cleared away. In its wake we are seeing showers. But increasing amounts of clear skies so we should have a good chance of seeing the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The cloud will break across the Western Isles. So it will all be about dodging the showers for the best views. Keep eyes peeled and look to the South West.

From the Sky at Night

The main event will have Jupiter and Saturn separated by a mere 6.1 arcminutes on Monday, 21 December, 2020.

Sunset will take place at 15:53 in London16:06 in Cardiff15:59 in Belfast and 15:39 in Edinburgh. About 45 minutes after sunset observers should look 10º above the south-southwest horizon to see Jupiter and Saturn shining almost as one. 


Good luck and hopefully you get to witness it.

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