Tuesday morning brief

Good morning Western Isles this is your Tuesday morning brief

On this Tuesday morning, we are seeing rain and sleet showers moving across the Western Isles. Some clear skies and plenty of clouds. Winds gusting 20 to 40 mph. Overnight low of 3.7C

Today – We are going to see rain and showers with some sunny spells. These will turn increasingly to snow and ice later. Some places will likely see a covering of snow later. In some areas, it will remain sleety. The greatest risk of lying snow will be over higher ground. We will probably see a Met Office snow and ice warning later. A widespread frost is likely this evening with temps dropping close to or below freezing with icy conditions. Some of the wintry showers will be squally and possibly thunder winds gusting 40 mph this morning but dropping under 20 mph by the end of the day with clear skies. Temps of -2C to 6C. Winds will be from the North and North West.

Wednesday – Sunshine and showers with some sleet and snow showers.

New Year’s Eve- Sunshine and showers. Wintry at times.

New Years Day – Mainly fine dry and cold.

Have a great day.

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