Meteorological Memories 2020

Hello and welcome to this special blog taking a look back at weather events here in the Western Isles and across the UK.

As ever the weather in 2020 brought us many extremes and a few notable events.


  • It was the dullest January for Stornoway in 91 years. Basically since records began. With just 12.8 hours of sunshine.
  • 13th January Storm Brendan brought winds in excess of 80 mph to the Western Isles and all schools were closed.


  • It was the wettest February on record for the UK since 1862.
  • Storm Ciara brought winds of 74 mph to South Uist on the 8th February
  • Storm Dennis brought strong winds to the UK on the 15th and resulted in a rare red warning issued by the Met Office for rainfall.


  • A new March high pressure record was broken at South Uist on the 29th March with 1051.2 mb being measured the highest since 1926.


  • It was the sunniest April on record for the whole of the UK.


  • The hottest day of the year for the Western Isles came on the 30th of May with 22.4C at Stornoway Airport


  • On the 25th of June Severe thunderstorms broke out across the UK with 37,419 strikes being recorded and huge swath of thunderstorms broke out across the Western isles first in the late afternoon and evening then then into the later evening. Never have I witnessed storms like that in the UK.


  • The hottest day of the year for the UK was 31st July where 37.8C was recorded at Heathrow Airport making it the 3rd hottest day on record for the UK.


  • Stornoway Airport had its driest August 36.4mm since August 1995 which had 33.2 mm. The second driest month of the year behind April 2020.
  • It was also the Sunniest August since 1999 which had 194 hours of sunshine compared to the 158 hours of Sunshine in August 2020.


  • A new September minimum record was recorded in Northern Ireland on the 25th September with -3.7C recorded at Katesbridge County Down.


  • Storm Aiden brought 78 mph winds to Stornoway Airport on the 31st.
  • 3rd October saw the wettest day overall for the entire UK with records going back to 1891


  • Former hurricane Zeta brought winds gusting over 75 mph to the Western Isles on the 1st November.


  • The coldest temperature this year at South Uist range was on the 30th December at -1.1C
  • It was also a white Christmas at several Met Office sites along the East Coast of England.

Lets see what 2021 bring us!!

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