How not to miss our updates – a guide.

We are in a constant battle against social media algorithms and people not seeing our updates. We here from a lot of you that you don’t see our updates often. Our blog is 100% the best place to see our updates but in this blog we will explain how not miss our updates on other platforms.

First thing blog all our weather forecasts and additional blogs can be found here. You can add this site your bookmarks for easy access or you can download the wordpress app and follow us via that with the search function. Via this you can also leave feedback and comments.


On our Facebook page you can make sure you don’t miss an update by making sure you interact with the page. This means likes, shares and comments.

Also if you go on to my page you can see 3 dots on the far right hand side.

The click following settings from here you can choose to make us one of your favourites and this should push our posts higher up you news feed.

our facebook page is here

Facebook Group

We have a back up facebook group here which contains all our forecasts.

You can also decide how often you see our updates in the group. The below is from another group I use. Once more you do this by clicking the 3 dots on the far right hand side of the main page.

You can decide from the above options what updates you want to see.

A link to the group is here

We are also on Twitter

You can also make sure you don’t miss a Twitter update by clicking on the bell.

We are also on Instagram as well.

if you are still having issues seeing our updates let me know and I will see if I can help. Hopefully you find this update useful.

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