Met Office named storm – Storm Christoph

Good afternoon all the Met Office have named the 3rd named storm of the 2020/21 named storm season. This storm will bring heavy rain, snow melt, flooding and strong winds across large parts of the UK during the course of this week. In this blog we will take a look at the warnings, impacts and any impacts for the Western Isles.

The severe weather will impact the UK Tuesday to Thursday with some lingering impacts into Friday.

An Amber warning for rain has been issued this covers central and northern England.

Below is the text warning from the Chief forecaster which covers the above warning

A yellow weather warning has also been issued for Southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. This will also bring snow.

There are 3 days worth of weather warnings. Here are the 3 days worth of warnings.

Tuesday 20th January

Wednesday 21st January

Thursday 22nd January

All the warning and very latest updates can be found here

There is also a significant flooding risk

Impacts for the Western Isles

Now my main forecasts for this blog cover the Western Isles. This part of the blog we are going to see if there are any impacts for us from storm Christoph.

As the storm enters the North Sea on Wednesday into Thursday we are going to see strong winds in the Western Isles gusting 50 to 60 mph. Heavy rain and possibly some sleet and snow showers. Lots of uncertainty yet. Some previous computer model runs have suggested 70 mph winds possible it will all depend on the exact timing and evolution of this low pressure along with its track as to how strong our winds will be.

For the next two days at least we will see no impacts in the Western Isles. I will keep you updated as ever as this situation unfold and evolves. If required I will do another update later this evening. However the next update will be tomorrow afternoon as the storm develops.

Please do NOT use Western Isles Weather for the protection of life and property please follow local and national government issued warnings and advice. Please have more than one source for weather information in extreme weather, Such as the Met office.

Anything posted on this page is not representative of any company or organization.  

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