Scotland Snowfall event 4th and 5th February 2021.

Hello and welcome to this extra blog post on the snowfall event in Scotland in the last couple of days. Snow in Scotland surely that isn’t worth writing a blog about. Well with 32 people getting rescued and the main Ullapool road being closed and some stunning and crazy video and photographic footage of the event I thought it would definitely worthy of a blog.

There is still further snowfall falling across Scotland this evening with Amber warnings remaining in force from the Met Office. The warnings can be found here with all the latest updates –

This video footage came out last night from the Ullapool road

This was a later image from later in the night

Some more images from BBC News

Some dashcam footage from the spreaders clearing the snow last night. * the road is now reopen*

The A835 this evening is now fully reopened

Dundonnell Mountain Rescue also assisted the Emergency Services.

and some of the STV News Coverage

SSE have been working hard in the challenging conditions

and finally some Stags enjoying the snow in Cairngorms

thanks for reading any feedback is always welcome.

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