Monday morning brief

Good Morning Western Isles this is your Morning brief.

On this Monday morning, we are seeing a cold and icy start to the day. Overnight snow fall across parts of Lewis and Harris. It was a tricky forecast and my forecasts have mentioned in recent days the risks of wintry showers. I did not expect the amount of snow they fell and I always keep tabs on other forecasts as well and I saw nothing else to indicate that we would see that much snow. Also having no radar hampers seeing the setups setting up but as ever I will learn from it.

This morning widespread frost and ice. Winds under 20 mph. A mixture of clear skies and cloud. A few wintry sleet and snow showers. Temps are close to or below feeding

Today – a mixture of sunshine and cloud some decent and prolonged sunshine. Despite this, it will remain cold and icy as temperatures struggle to get much above freezing. Some sleet and showers on and off throughout the day. These could give some additional accumulations of snowfall. Winds of 10 to 30 mph from the East and South East. Temps today of -2C to 4C

Tuesday and Wednesday – cold and icy with sunshine and cloud. A few wintery showers. Winds of 10 to 30 mph.

Thursday – a few wintry showers but mostly dry. Winds increasing with the risk of gales later for Uist and Barra.

Have a great day

Please do NOT use Western Isles Weather for the protection of life and property please follow local and national government issued warnings and advice. Please have more than one source for weather information in extreme weather, Such as the Met office

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