Western Isles Weather best beach 2021- Isle of Harris.

Hello and welcome to the Western isles weather best beach 2021. In 2019 Horgabost won and in 2020 Hougharry beach won the best beach award as voted by you!!

Now it’s time to pick for 2021. It’s a debate that has raged on which is the best beach In the Western isles. We have some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Can your island win in 2021?! So the rules are as follows. Each week a different island or collection of islands gets voted on. With 6 beaches going into the voting stages and one beach going into the grand finale.

1. Week 2 is the Isle of Harris. Only photos taken on Harris will be considered for voting in round 2. These photos can be taken at any time.
2. All photographs have to be submitted with a location. Any without a location will be disregarded.
3. Only photos in the comments section will be included. Any in a private message will not be included to make my life easier.
4. Only 1 entry per person per round. So you can enter in each round but no more than once in the same round.
5. The time to submit entries for round 1 starts at 18:00 today 1st March and ends at 18:00 on 3rd March. Voting starts at the weekend. 6. I then pick 6 photos to appear in the voting stage and then you vote on your favourite. The one with the most votes goes into the grand final.
7. If you see a photo you like in the comment section. Give it a like or a comment!
8. The winning photo will be used as the pages cover photo and also a treat box from McMakes.
9. This competition is open to anybody regardless of talent and camera equipment so please do not be shy to share.
10. So please submit your photos in the comments below and best of luck. Any questions feel free to private message me.
11. This year’s competition will be run across both Facebook and Twitter with voting taking place on both.
Good luck and have fun.

This weeks featured image is from the 2019 best beach competition winner Christine M Morrison – Horgabost

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