Best beach voting stage round 1 – Isle of Lewis

Welcome to the voting stage for round 1 of the best beach 2021. Round 1 is for the Isle of Lewis

We had some stunning photos entered and these 6 have been chosen to be voted on. It was a stunning selection and thank you to everyone who submitted photos.

So simple rules. Voting starts now and ends at 16:00 Sunday evening.

Please just vote for one photo from A to F. Only one vote per person.

If multiple letters are selected the first one is taken. If someone says all of the above your vote will be disregarded.

The votes will be counted up with the winner announced later on Sunday evening.

The winner will go into the grand final.

Please vote in the comments section on Twitter or Facebook

To make my life easier do not private message letters.

Thank you and enjoy. These are the 6 to vote on.

A. Reef Beach – Carol Ferguson

B. Bayble Beach – Eilidh Grant

C. Swainbost – Scott Davidson

D. Siaram – Kate Macleod

E. Helivig – Iain Stewart

F. The Braighe – Sharon Smith

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