Let’s talk about snow in April

Hello and welcome to this special blog where talk about snow in April. There is some strong model agreement that we are going to see cold conditions with sleet and snow showers following behind on Sunday across the Western Isles. It’s going to be cold across the UK and this could last for a couple of days.

Snow in the Western Isles in April is not uncommon. Sometimes locally called the lambing snow or the Easter snow.

This photo below was from April 3rd 2020 taken by Jayne MacArthur

Now how is it shaping up. I don’t make long range snow forecast predictions. As things can change. It is harder for snow to last as long at this time of year due to the fact that days are longer so more in the way of sunshine. The ground has also been heated up more. It is going to be a strong cold blast and this could last for a number of days into next week.

Here is on selected chart for next week the blues and purples are colder conditions.

The Met Office have also put out a press release about things turning colder.

From the above press release

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Mark Sidaway, said: “After a settled, warm spell with plenty of sunshine particularly across England and Wales our weather will take a notable change in direction later in the weekend. Very cold Arctic air will move in from the north west through Sunday, bringing snow showers and freezing overnight temperatures. The snow showers will predominantly affect the north and west of the UK. The south and east will likely remain drier but still cold with a lower chance of wintry showers.” 

Here is another snow photo from April 2015

Bernera taken by Ian Macleod

What is the state of play?

Next week is looking very cold with plenty of sleet and snow showers. Could we see some covering of snow yes definitely a possibility. Please ignore the likes of XC Weather with the insane amounts of snow that isn’t helpful to anyone. It’s just raw data and not a forecast. Monday and Tuesday look the coldest days but a long way off as yet.

The next few days will bring plenty of sunshine and warmth before Sunday so Gardners be aware. We are likely to see frost and ice as well.

It is worth noting that no Met Office warnings have been issued yet at this stage. I as ever I will keep you updated. I wanted to get ahead of the hype.

Thank you for reading. Any feedback is welcome.

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