Weather Bleather

Hello and welcome to the weather bleather

When you have a passion for the weather like I do you can talk about the weather all the time. So this is the first of probably many weather bleather blogs where I just rambled on about the weather.

So the weather across our islands this week has seen plenty of sunshine and increasing amounts of cloud. But still, frost and ice overnight as temps drop close to or below freezing. This has caused havoc for crofters and Gardners alike. Met office site at Stornoway recorded a 9.0C temp rise between 5 am and 12 pm today (22nd April) Nothing too large in the grand scheme of things but does highlight the temperature ranges at the moment.

On a larger scale, it’s been a cold month across the UK and been below average for temperatures. It will be very interesting to see if any records get broken when the Met office releases its monthly stats at the start of May.

It’s also been an extremely dry month for England and Wales with some places only see a few mm well below average. We have a week left of the month to see if any records get broken. But an area of low pressure could bring some rain to places Sunday into Monday.

Meanwhile in the USA, an active spell of weather will bring severe storms to the USA on Friday and Tuesday. Tornadoes and hail along with severe thunderstorms and strong winds. Likely to occur in the heart of tornado alley.

These storms occurring on the 27 of April is significant as this is 10 years since the April 27th 2011 severe tornado outbreak which brought 62 tornadoes to Alabama alone. It was the largest and costliest outbreak ever and one of the deadliest. This event won’t be anywhere on the scale but it will bring back a lot of bad memories for people.

I may write a blog on that over the weekend if I have time. I read a book on that tornado outbreak it was the hardest and most upsetting books I have ever read. I had to stop reading and come back to it a few months later. But it was worth reading and I learnt a lot from it about communication and how the weather industry has learnt a lot since that event.

I have 3 main passions when it comes to weather. Our weather in the Western isles. Hurricanes and tornadoes. Currently, we are in peak tornado season. June 1st sees us move into hurricane season in the Atlantic. These can sometimes have a big impact on the weather. What’s left of the hurricane can bring unsettled weather. Last summer some of these hurricanes even resulted in us getting warmer weather.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for one blog.

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