Western Isles Weather adventure in Tiree and Lunga.

Hello and welcome to the special blog taking a look at my recent trip to the island of Tiree and sea tour trip to the island of Lunga. If you are looking for a comprehensive travel guide of the islands sorry this isn’t the place to find this. But it is a collection of photographs and memories.

It was a simply amazing and very memorable trip that I totally loved and it was my first visit to Tiree and I defiantly a soft spot for the island after my visit.

So I traveled from Glasgow to Tiree by plane. It was a twin otter plane and it was not my first time travelling on such an aircraft as I had flown from Glasgow to Barra in 2018 and where the plane landed on the beach. There were a few other travelers who were flying on the plane for the first time and were surprised at the size.

The below is an image of the plane which seats 19 people.

Here are a couple of images from the plane as we came into approach of Tiree.

One of things that stood out from me straight away was how flat Tiree is. It reminded me of a few places in the USA where I have been chasing tornadoes. It would be a really good to watch thunderstorms rolling in.

Tiree has a population of 650 people according to google. It was bigger than I was expecting it to be. Here is an image of the island.

The rest of my first day on the Friday was spent with a tour across the island looking at many different locations. We also went on a number of different beaches. I get confused as to which day was which beach and some of the beaches we did several times.

My favorite beach of the whole trip was Crossapol beach which I visited 3 times.

We also went to Coalas Beach

We also stopped off at the Coastguard Station and I got a photo of the coastguard car. I worked for the Coastguard between 2015 and 2019 in the operations room in Stornoway I was used to tasking Tiree Coastguard Rescue team to incidents. So it was nice see some of the places that I had seen on the mapping software in real life.

In the evening we went to the Tiree Lodge hotel for dinner. The would was amazing. We enjoyed it so much it wasn’t the only visit of the trip…..

On the Saturday morning we had some more beach adventures. For lunch we went to Cafaidh Carriannes and hd an amazing lunch and some amazing cake from a local baker https://www.facebook.com/BeckyBakesTiree. Then in the evening we went with Tiree Sea Tour to Lunga. Lunga is the largest of the Treshnish Isles https://www.tireeseatours.co.uk/

It was an amazing experience. I loved it every moment of it. The staff were really friendly and helpful as well as being knowledgeable. Due to the time of day and pure luck we were the only tour group on the island. So we had the small island to ourself to watch hundreds of sea birds in and around the island including puffins. Under the best weather if the entire Trip with blue skies and sunshine.

Here are a few images from the trip

In the evening we had a lovely takeaway from the cobbled calf.

On the Sunday it was a more laid back day as the weather was rubbish I went for a beach walk once again and we did more exploring of the island. Into the evening we went back to the Tiree lodge hotel where once again the food was great.

After this we went to another beach and witnessed a beautiful sunset and also to check on a seal which was resting on the shore line. The seal was fine and in a good condition and I found out the next day that it had safely gone back out to sea.

I headed back to Stornoway on the Monday. Hopefully this won’t be my last visit to Tiree. Everyone I met was extremely friendly and kind. Its a beautiful part of the world and certainly won’t be a trip that I will ever forgot.

To wrap up this blog here are a few more image from the trip

and a couple of Puffin images from my excellent tour guide Louise Reid.

Thank you for reading. For more information on Tiree you can follow these two links http://www.tireetrust.org.uk/ and https://www.isleoftiree.com/

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