Partial Solar Eclipse and how to see it – 10th June 2021

Hello and welcome to this special blog taking a look at the Partial Solar eclipse that will be visible in the UK on Thursday 10th June 2021. It will be visible in the Western Isles but sadly it is looking very cloudy so we may not get to see much. But I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

The best places to see this eclipse will be Greenland, Siberia and Canada along with the North Pole we will see a limited covering here in the UK. The best place will be the far North West of the UK. Unfortunately this is likely to be the part of the UK under the most of the cloud.

This is the BBC Weather video explains more about the solar Eclipse along with some safety tips

Rough timings for us in the Western Isles are

First contact 10:08 am

Max Magnitude 11:19 am

Final Contact 12:35 pm

The image below gives more idea of contact. Please be aware it is based on Central England for timings

The timing and relative positions of the key stages of the 10 June 2021 partial solar eclipse, as seen from central UK. First and last contact overlaps are exaggerated for clarity. Credit: Pete Lawrence / BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Image come from the BBCs sky an night

This great video explains how to see it safely from the Society for popular Astronomy

Some more timings for across the UK

More here

The last partial solar eclipse in the UK was 2015 with some 80% of the sun was covered. We are expecting a maximum of 50% this year. Here is some photos from 2015

Here is the latest from the Met Office

The forecast for the Western Isles is looking mainly overcast. There is a chance of some breaks in the cloud with some fleeting sunny spells but we could even see some rain. Typical really for us when anything nice happens in the sky we get cloud. If you do manage to capture anything please let us know and share photos with us. We would be grateful.

Thanks for reading. Keep your fingers crossed the cloud breaks

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