Mid Month Weather.

Hello a short blog taking a look at some of the mid weather stats for the Western Isles.

We have seen a little below average sunshine for the month up to the 18th of June. With only Tiree below us for the whole month.

Up to the 20th June we have had 81.9 hours of sunshine at Stornoway Airport. in 2020 we had 119.6 hours to the 20th. But 2019 had only 71.4 hours and 2018 had 115.7 hours to the 20th. Looking further back to 2017 with 78.1 hours to the 20th.

During the early hours of the 18th June Stornoway Airport temperature dropped to 5.0C the coldest night since the 3rd of May which recorded 0.8C

19.4 at South Uist is the highest temperature so far for the month. Recorded on the 2nd June.

Rainfall wise both Stornoway and South Uist are a little bit drier then average up to the 18th June

Hopefully things improve sunshine wise in the final 10 days of the month.

more information here http://starlingsroost.asuscomm.com/weather/ukobs/ukgraphs.php?synop=03026&startdate=2021-06-01&starttime=00%3A00&enddate=2021-06-21&endtime=00%3A00&datatype=SYNOP

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