Met Office Thunderstorm warnings for parts of Scotland 3rd and 4th July.

Good evening all and welcome to this extra blog covering the Met Office warning for thunderstorms for parts of Scotland for the next two days. No warnings have been issued for the Western Isles. But it is the schools holidays so people will be travelling and we have a number of followers outside the Western Isles.

So the first weather warning for the rest of today covers till 23:59 this evening and covers parts of Scotland including Glasgow.

The focus for tomorrow moves further Northwards with warnings issued right up to the North West coast of Scotland.

This is worth keeping in mind if you are travelling mainland routes of Scotland.

This for the above warning from the Met office chief forecaster

More here on all the above warnings

Please do NOT use Western Isles Weather for the protection of life and property please follow local and national government issued warnings and advice. Please have more than one source for weather information in extreme weather, Such as the Met office and Police

Anything posted on this page is not representative of any company or organization.  

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