June 2021 weather stats for the Western Isles.

Hello and welcome to a look back at our weather in June 2021 – We cover the Western Isles and take a look at the rest of the UK’s weather further down in the blog.

It was another dry month for the Western Isles and the second month in a row without a weather warning. It was below average for sunshine and we we had some cool nights.

Stornoway airport and South Uist Met Office site stats.

Stornoway Airport had recorded 124.3 hours of sunshine during June. June is a hit and miss month for us in the Western isles with some months getting close to 200 hours and in recent years close to 120 hours.

The was just 25.4 mm of rain making it the driest month of the year so far. It was the driest June since 1982 at the Stornoway Airport where just 14 mm of rain fell.

South Uist range had 40.2 mm for the month.

SEPA rainfall Gauges in the Western Isles for June

Birkie Hue – 34.4 mm

Laxdale Harris – 75.2 mm

Mill Croft – 56.2 mm

Daily records

South Uist was one of 3 stations recording 1.2mm of rain on the 8th June

Harris Quidnish had the lowest minimum temperature of 11C on the 10th June.

Stornoway had the lowest minimum temperature of 4.1C on the 26th of June and 10.7C on the 11th June.

Weather Warnings year to date

We had no weather warnings during the month of June. 

The total number of weather warnings to date for the year for the Western Isles stands at 15.

Yellow – 15

Amber – 0

Red – 0

A further break down of the warnings.

Wind – 7

Snow and Ice – 9

Rain – 0

Thunderstorms – 0

Wind and snow – 0

Ice – 2

The highest and low temps of the month

Stornoway 20.7C – 4.2C

South Uist – 19.4C – 7.3C

Temperature graphs for the month for Stornoway and South Uist

More here http://starlingsroost.asuscomm.com/weather/ukobs/ukgraphs.php?synop=03026&startdate=2021-06-01&starttime=00%3A00&enddate=2021-07-01&endtime=00%3A00&datatype=SYNOP

Met Office UK wide stats.

It was a dry June across most of the UK including the Western Isles. South and South East england saw more in the way of rain.

We were well below average for sunshine for the month of June in the Western isles. North East Scotland was the best spot for sunshine.

More here https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/

Thank you for reading.

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