Mid Month Weather August 2021

Good evening. A little bit late with this update this month but we are going to take a look back at the weather so far August.

Our weather in August tends to be more miss then hit in the Outer Hebrides. Often the dullest of the summer months with rain and can lack sunshine.

So far Stornoway Airport for the first 18 days of the month has recorded 35.0 mm of rainfall which already beats the 31.6 mm of rain that fell for the entire month of July.

South Uist range for the first 18 days of the month has recorded 44.2 mm of rainfall which is just behind the 48 mm that feel during the entire month of July.

Both South Uist range and Stornoway Airport are below average for August rainfall

The highest temperature of the month so far has been 18.2C at South Uist range and 16.9C at Stornoway Airport.


It has been a dull month so far with just 45.9 hours of sunshine recorded up to the 17th August at Stornoway Airport.

Other years to the 17th.

2020 – 90.8 hours of sunshine.

2019 – 70.4 hours

2018 – 37.4 hours

2017 – 69.2 hours

2016 – 63.4 hours

2015 – 60.6 hours

We also had the highest wind speed in the Western isles on the 12th of August of 52 mph at Stornoway Airport the highest since 56 mph on the 8th April at South Uist range.

Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

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