Met Office named storms 2021/22

Today the Met Office released the list of the names for the 2021/22 storm season

This video from 2018 explains why the Met Office names storms

There is also a shorter version here

Also the Met Office pressure release about naming storms this year here

Can I name a storm?

You can also suggest a name for a storm this below from the Met Office explains how you can name a storm

Earlier this year the Met Office asked people to send in their ideas for future storm names, receiving thousands of suggestions.

A new list of names will be compiled jointly between Met √Čireann,¬†the Met Office and KNMI (The Dutch national weather forecasting service).

The Met Office component will make use of suggestions submitted via the online form, although everyone is welcome to suggest names for future consideration Рemail to

More here

Why do certain letters not have a name?

The Met Office explains below

To ensure we are in line with the US National Hurricane Centre naming conventions, we are not going to include names which begin with the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z. This will maintain consistency for official storm naming in the North Atlantic.

Have there been notable named storms to impact us in the Western Isles?

Storm Brendan brought 86 mph winds in last year to South Uist

and Storm Abigail in 2015 again more from the Met Office below.

Storm Abigail brought heavy rain and strong winds across the country with the most severe weather impacting the northwest of Scotland where power cuts affected up to 20,000 homes and many schools were forced to close for the day.

The strongest gust recorded was at South Uist measuring 84 mph.

and finally here is a blog that I wrote with a list of named storms that have brought impacts to the Western Isles.

Thanks for reading.

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