Friday evening forecast update

Good evening all. I am off the rock again. So over the next couple of days forecasts will be a bit more sporadic and sometimes shorter. But I will still be putting out at least one update a day and of course any warnings that are issued I will update this page as ever.

The place I am staying tonight has terrible wifi and seems to be a near dead spot for connecting to 3G or 4G so a shorter update.

Overnight tonight will see some rain and showers and these will continue for a time into Saturday but becoming drier and brighter with sunshine and cloud. Sunday expected to be mainly fine and dry with some decent and prolonged sunshine. Monday again mainly dry a few scattered showers with sunshine and cloud.

Winds will be mainly light under 20 mph and winds from a North or North East will make it feel cooler. Temps around 12C to 15C

Have a great evening and next update tomorrow.

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