Questions about storms

It’s that time of year again.

Certain websites show certain bright colours and the questions start coming in about storms. Yes, one of the computer models is showing strong winds for next Wednesday into Thursday. As ever I am watching it.

But anything beyond 5 days is far too far off yet to know yet what will happen. This is just one model run the 12z GFS. The previous model runs the 06z and 00z do not show winds to the strength that the 12z does. The EC the other model that goes this far out does not show strong winds either.

So what happens next is we continue to watch for trends do other models show stormy conditions. Do multiple model runs show stormy conditions. That’s when confidence builds. I look at every model run daily. This has caught my eye as any potential stormy weather does and we are getting into that time of year. But the chances of it not happening at this stage are high. So we sit and wait.

No hype just managing expectations. With this or any other possible storm system, I will keep you updated.

*GFS (global forecasting system)
*EC ( European Centre for Medium-Range Weather forecasts)

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